About Us

Do you sit at home all day wondering how can you take your music career to the next level? Do you often wonder how hip-hop artist like Drake, or pop artist like Flo-rida get their music on major radio platforms, and on major Television networks? 

Everything SwerrrdMedia LLC offers our clients is 100% guaranteed. We pride ourselves on the willingness to exceed any of our clients' expectations. We are the direct connection to major publications & radio. Our prices on our service platform are the most affordable in the industry and you will not find a better price. We understand that every client we work with has a different priority and vision for their music, and we try to make that vision come alive with excellent service.

We offer many services to clients depending on a client's budget and work with all genres of music from country, rock, techno reggae, reggaeton etc., SwerrrdMedia LLC. was formed in 2012 by a collective group of influential figures in the music industry. We live by a strong code of ethics and believe in hard work and diligence. Everything offered on this site is guaranteed, and with that guarantees our clients have the utmost confidence in any funds they spend with us.

SwerrrdMedia LLC is a marketing firm dedicated to helping independent artist, we provide the necessary connects an artist needs to further their career and business endeavors; we offer an array of services to our clients including but not limited to video production, TV placement (BET & MTV), Marketing, Photography, Radio placement, CD duplication, Graphic designs, and consultations. We offer anything an artist is looking for to expand their brand and act as a direct bridge to the majors.