General Questions:

How long does it take to see results?
Between 7-14 days to see results. So please be patient.

Are you a scam company?
No we do not scam artist or clients out of any money, your payments are protected through Paypal.

Who have you worked with?
Most of our clients request to be annonomous. We respect their wishes. If you wish to know who we have worked with please call us up for a more direct answer as to we cannot provide this information online. 

How long does it take to respond to my emails? 
It takes 24-48 hours for a response so please be patient, we recieve a high volume of calls and emails a day. We eventually get to everybody.

Can I call you?
Yes we have a call center, we reciently added text messaging to our customer service experience. Call or text 631-704-5749

Has any of the artist you work with been successful?
The artist we work with pay for our services, we are not a label, We are a marketing firm where artist pay for individual and specific services, not limited to radio, major publications and overall awareness. We work with indie and major artist. We guarentee everything we offer.
Does your company issue refunds? We guarantee all the services we provide, we do not issue refunds for our services once payment has been submitted and processed. 
What Reactions Will I See?
An increase in traffic (depending on how many read the email). Blogs and Magazines may tweet and post your song on their website and Facebook. DJ's and fans may also tweet the song.

What else can we do with a bigger budget?
we specialize in radio and major publications please checkout our bigger campaigns at: